About David May

Photo of David wood carvingDavid May is a European Master Craftsman who is a multi-talented artisan.  Trained in classical and commercial art from childhood, he has held numerous Art Directorships in Publishing and Advertising as a designer, photographer, copywriter and commercial artist. In his current company, The Third Dimension, David has accomplished works ranging from tall ships to designing and building helicopter blades. No matter what is requested, David can produce it with the creativity and skill of a true European Master Craftsman.

Education & Experience:

      • Art Academy, London
      • 7 Magazines in London’s West End, Art Director
      • Radio Shack, Art Director
      • Tandy Leather, Art Director
      • Independent work:
        • Built a 1780 replica of Rattlesnake – 90 ft tall ship
        • Ornamental wrought iron
        • Portraits in oil
        • Anything 3 dimensional in metal, stone, wood, plaster
      • Helicopter blades and rotors – designs and builds

Published articles and TV interviews

  • Published articles and TV interviews
  • Carolina Camera, Channel 5, 1999 & 2001
  • Coastal Carolina Magazine 1997
  • Post & Courier, Charleston, SC
  • Charleston & The Golden Age of Piracy
  • Waterlog Magazine, 1998 to present time