Road Kill Lawnmower to Steam Engine

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I’m new to this method of flapping my gums. I was educated towards the end of WWII by educators who were quite frazzled by the nightly encounter of British made bombs being dropped on us by the Luftwaffe in a war that did not have to happen, but was greatly encouraged by the bankers and munitions manufacturers who sponsor all wars.

At 7 years of age I showed certain creative talents, other than that, I was considered an uneducatable idiot, a condition that may exist to this day.

Surviving the munitions racketeers I grew up with a distrust of all self perpetuating bureaucracies and governments, therefore survivalist thinking has always been at the back of my mind.

Recently I designed a method enabling people of average skills to Turn A Roadkill Lawnmower into a single acting steam engine capable of running a small boat, but definitely capable of turning a car alternator to produce 12 volt electricity to be delivered to a bank of batteries, which in turn would use a simple step up inverter for moderate 110 volt use, of course a steam boiler would have to be made.

The above would work very well for simple camping or that cabin in the hills, the object being to burn garbage and generate modest electricity off the grid.

With a little common sense the main breaker box for a house could be reorganized to utilize recreational 12 volt bulbs for modest use from the battery bank.

Like everything else once you think you can, you usually can, if you don’t think you can then you acquire sufficient head knowledge of the subject till you know you can. For example I have taken many a teenage girl or boy who wanted to make things in light sheet metal and have taught them to braze or gas weld metal in less than 15 minutes. Now there’s your example they had formerly not got the foggiest idea, 15 minutes later they had acquired the new knowledge.